Why do I have to bring 25 people?

As a professional organization, we are simply looking for professional bands and artists. Bands serious about their careers should have no concerns with bringing 25 fans out to a high-energy show. Secondly, there is a great deal of expense that go in producing a concert series of this magnitude and this helps to keep staff paid, bring in high quality judges, DJ’s/MC and ensuring the best possible prizes and concert experience.

Lastly, no one wishes to play to an empty room; do you want to be that band that doesn’t draw? Because our events are so high-energy, we find that the vast majority of fans have stayed until the end of the night, watching all of the bands and when this happens, it’s always one of those shows to remember, a full house with loads of energy in the room.

If we were having an off night, can we play another showcase?

Wish to make a better second impression? No problem, come and try again, we look forward to seeing genuine improvement, so long as you hit your minimum attendance during your first performance.

What do ‘Industry’ look for?

This is very simple, it’s based on a point-scoring system. Here is how the judges evaluate all of the performances:

Musical Ability & Performance / Score (0-10)

Songs (hooks, lyrics, melody, memorability etc.)

Musicianship (overall ability, mastery of chosen style etc.)

Singing (pitch, delivery, emotion etc.)

Stage Presence (comfort onstage, eye contact w/audience etc.)

Band Cohesiveness (“tightness”, ensemble sound etc.)

The X Factor (Rock Star Potential)

***New for 2016 Regional – Finals “Industry Credibility”

Audience Response

Audience Enthusiasm (clapping, screaming, dancing etc.)

Band/Audience Interaction (eye contact, banter, audience participation etc.)

What can I do to improve?

This is very easy to answer. Practice, Practice, Practice, and go out and get shows, lots of them, once you’re ready! Hone your songs and your live performance. Rehearse over and over again. In your spare time, read great music books, learn the business and go to music industry events.

I’ve been confirmed to play, what are the details of the show? What is the backline, load in, etc?

You will receive an automated response, along with your tentative date; just sit tight as our team of concert producers, event planners, marketers and agents are busily working behind the scenes. Within about a week’s time (or as short as one day), one of our staff will contact you to confirm your concert and to set up all of the necessary promotions. Once you are confirmed you can start all of your promotion and download the necessary tickets for resale, directly from our venue.

You can expect an email no later than 2-3 weeks before the event, advancing every last detail that you require about the show (backline, set times, etc.).

Can we play cover songs?

I’ll bounce that question back to you: Do you as an original artist perform cover songs as part of your set? Some judges may penalize slightly for this while others, if it’s only one song, will not.

Do we have to be 19?

All of our shows are 19+, however we understand that one only requires to be 18 to work in a licensed venue in Ontario. Let us state that we don’t know the full answer to this question and recommend that you contact someone who knows more about provincial liquor license.

What happens to the money from the show?

In order to ensure the strictest quality control for our concert and festival, we have to employ some of the best people in the business, from roadies to sound tech’s to credible industry judges (yes, we pay them after all, this is part of their respective jobs). We also have to purchase many of the prizes that we give away and we spend a great deal of attention on promoting and marketing the bands.

One way that we work towards promoting your band is purchasing advertising time on Y108fm and by sponsoring the Y108 Indie show from December 2015 until May 2016; and following that period we will host a live-to-air every Friday afternoon where we can interview bands and leading up to the finals in June. Have you played our shows and now you need a hand promoting a CD release or some other high profile event, talk to your LMP rep, he’ll tell you who to call and email.

During similarly promoted events in the past, our web site typically receives an average of nearly 2 million hits per season and it takes a great deal of time to update it and manage our social media network.  It is these two areas (radio and online marketing) that consume upwards of 80% of the cost involved in producing the Live Music Prize. The majority of artists that we work with as part of the Live Music Prize end up performing paying shows at our many other events, or as part of the Live Music Prize Festival (formerly the Spring Music Festival).

So if you blow away our Industry during your performance, there’s a good chance that you’ll be invited to perform at the festival or another show. Click here to register.