Rob Rapiti, President, BLR Entertainment
Rob is the founder and festival director of the Spring Music Festival. A senior sales and marketing consultant, Rob has run small labels, recording studios, festivals and conferences, managed several independent bands, and has produced concerts for the likes of the Trews, Three Days Grace, The Tea Party, 5440, Thornley, SNOW, Kazzer and the list goes on… Judging: All Shows


Jennifer Hart, VP of A&R
Jennifer is one of the partners in the Spring Music Festival and has been a lover of music all her life. Having attending countless live concerts, now she spends her time working in the background of the festival ensuring that we bring in the best bands. Judging: All Shows


Dan Hand has been working in the music business since 2008, when he started as an intern for the label Underground Operations. Since then, Dan has worked his way up to Marketing Manger and today is the company’s General Manager. In addition to his involvement with UO, he is an A&R rep at Universal Music Canada. He has experienced success with many artists as of very early in his career, including Protest The Hero, Abandon All Ships, The Artist Life & Lights.


Don Kitchen is a former Tour Manager and Business Manager. He has worked with several highly successful acts such as Stereos, Ill Scarlett, Abandon All Ships, San Sebastian and The Envy. Today he works at Universal Music Canada as the A&R department’s Artist Rights Manager, managing touring and merchandise for the label.


Jasmine Spence started her career in music as the Executive Assistant at world-renowned Metalworks Studios in Mississauga. She spent several years working for the studio and its two sister companies, Metalworks Production Group and Metalworks Institute. She later became the Promotions Director for all three companies. Jasmine now works as the A&R Assistant at Universal Music Canada. She has also toured as a Production Assistant and been responsible for the administration of televised specials. She is a singer and keyboard player, and since a young age has been song writing and studying classical music.


Darryl Spring
Darryl started his career in Timmins… Never been there? Don’t go! Then somehow managed to get hired at the edge in Toronto, doing overnights, weekends, vacation fill-in and basically whatever else I was allowed to do. But there comes a time when you just want a show of your own, and this is it, 10 AM until 3 PM on Y108. Darryle is a big fan of Queens of the Stone Age fan, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy/Sabbath and anything Dave Grohl has been a part of. The first cd’s he bought were Pearl Jam “Ten” and Zeppelin 4.


Chuck Evans is the Music Director/Announcer for Y108 Rocks 107.9 FM. He grew up in Waterloo, Quebec and later moved to Milton, Ontario. He caught the radio bug later in his life, in fact he originally wanted to be an architect and even studied at Mohawk College to be one. Luckily, he caught the radio bug and hasn’t looked back since. He studied Radio Broadcasting at Humber College and eventually took an internship at Classic Hits AM 96 in Cambridge. That station eventually turned into The Zone @ 92.9 FM, and a chance encounter and with luck he got an interview in Hamilton for Y108. The rest is history!

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Ian Martins is the VP- Business Development & Marketing at Iguana Recording. Over the past 10 years Ian has recorded 6 albums, toured across Canada and the US and performed on numerous records as a session musician at Iguana. Ian brings a fresh and innovative approach to the industry, a clear vision, and the energy to implement our marketing strategies. Over the past year his efforts have been focused on re-branding Iguana, re introducing the Studio to the market as an affordable option for independent artists.