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Rules and Regulations

The Live Music Prize (hereinafter “The Company”) is open to bands, songwriters and musicians (hereinafter “artist”) across Ontario who can perform in a 19+ licensed environment. By this, you affirm that all members are at least 18 years of age.

The Live Music Prize is a promotional service geared towards promoting your band. While every band wants to win the prize, the idea is that you can use our far-reaching promotion and marketing (online/offline and social media) as just another tool in your arsenal for eventual world domination.

Artists must fully complete a registration form found at either: or to be considered for a showcase slot in The Prize.  Completion of a form does not ensure entry into a showcase.  Selected applicants will be offered a date from a Company representative, which must be confirmed by the artist within 48 hours of receiving communication from the representative.  Failure to confirm may result in the slot being offered to another artist.  Performance slots and set times are allocated at The Company sole discretion.

The Prize is designed to catapult an artist to the next level of their career, and as such we strive to create a real-life environment by implementing a ‘minimum criteria’ for our selected artists.  Each artist must draw no less than 25 people to each showcase. At the door, each patron will be asked which artist they are there to support and when each artist gets to 25 fans, the criteria will be deemed as met and we will stop counting. The Artist is then free to move on to the next round, should they win that evening.

We believe that if an artist cannot bring at least 25 people to a showcase, they are not ready for a major competition like The Live Music Prize. The organizers have invested a great deal of time and money in gathering the prizes and we are looking for bands that serious and wish to further their music career. This criterion also ensures a packed room for all artists, and exposure to fans who may otherwise not hear an artist’s music.

If an artist fails to bring at least 25 people, they can still perform at the showcase but will be disqualified from advancing in The Live Music Prize.

Tickets are $10 for each of the qualifying rounds, $12 for the regional finals and $15 for the finals (as entry to the festival). If an artist registers less than 4 weeks from their showcase, their name may not appear on the ticket.  Artists are responsible for all tickets sent to them, and must return all unsold tickets and the monies collected from tickets sales on the night of the showcase in order to perform.

Cancellation and “dropping out” of any showcase require a minimum of three weeks notice if artists wish to participate in future showcases, except in the case of extraordinary circumstances.  In such a case, the artist is not to refund any tickets sold, tickets are sold on consignment by the artist FOR the event, All sales are final.The Company may, at its sole discretion, elect to honour these tickets for that artist’s next upcoming showcase.

The Prize reserves the right to cancel or postpone any showcase without notice. In the unlikely event that a showcase is cancelled or postponed, The Company will honour any tickets sold by any artist for that artist’s next upcoming showcase.

Artists can perform at as many showcases as they wish, so long as they abide by these regulations and adhere to the entire criteria outline herein.

By participating in the Live Music Prize, the Artist agrees that The Company may use any video, images or audio recording taken of them both at the showcases and from any of the url’s provided by your applications and to use within any of the Company’s promotional materials, including online and on-air media at The Company’s sole discretion without further authorization, notification or compensation.

Any artists that have been selected for promotion on Y108FM’s Indie Show, will be at the discretion of both the Company and the station. Artists will require at least one good quality recording provided to the organizersno later than May 2, 2016 for consideration for re-broadcast on Y108 FM.  Artists who do not have a good quality recording by this time, may forego any promotion on Y108’s “indie show”. If you wish for us to refer you to a Live Music Prize-recommended studio that fits your budget, please ask your Live Music Prize agent. Semi Finals will be held in Hamilton in April and May of 2016.

Finals are to be held in Hamilton, Ontario June 18 at a parking lot festival at Stonewalls Live Music Venue, where one artist will be named the “Live Music Prize 2016 Winner” and awarded the grand prize.

You hereby grant to the Company a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, worldwide license to use, publicly display, distribute, sublicense, modify and otherwise fully exploit any Content that you submit for promotional use. Any Content that you submit is deemed non-confidential, and The Company shall be under no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any information, in whatever form, contained in the Content.

You agree that The Company is not responsible for any violations of any intellectual property rights in any Content that you submit. You understand that by registering with the Prize that your Content may be publicly available to others and that The Company has no obligation to prevent the unauthorized copying, dissemination, alternation or other use of your Content by others.

Prizes and cash awards will continue to be added throughout the term of the competition, and are subject to change without notice.

The Artist shall shall indemnify, defend and hold the Company, any of its directors, shareholders, contractors, clients, sponsors and all venues harmless from any claims, liabilities arising from events or circumstances of the live events, from the use and promotion thereof in kind, of all kind and any alleged infringement of copyright or any other property whatsoever. The artist further warrants that all content submitting either directly to the Company or by any of your web sites or social media accounts through your official submission.

You perform all live music events at your own discretion. The company does not guarantee or warrant any such claims to the success or failure of Artist. Good Luck!